Local Content & Logistics Support

GO OFFSHORE specialises in planning and executing complete solutions for companies that intend to operate in Australia.  Our services are modular, enabling our clients to select only what they need, when and where they need it.


At GO OFFSHORE we recognise that the safety and performance of your asset is the highest priority. We are sufficiently staffed with experienced operators, accredited systems and robust communication processes to ensure needs of our clients and their operations are met 24/7.


Our range of services are diverse and include tailored support to meet the solutions that our customers demand. From total asset management to pure personnel engagement, GO OFFSHORE is your local partner, ensuring your every need is met and all regulatory requirements are adhered to whilst working in the region.  Our range of services include full ship management, project management support, technical management, dry docking, vessel compliance, procurement, freight forwarding, vessel importation / exportation, rig moving and rig consultancy.

Full Ship Management

Based on years of accumulated experiences and accredited to the highest industry standards, our ship management services are based on best practice and innovation.   With our expertise, competence, network and international reach, we aim to safely deliver operational performance at the most competitive price.

All vessels are managed based on the requirements of the ISM Code, MARPOL, flag state and class, in addition to any local content requirements, and the requirements of the Charterer and vessel owner. 

Our tailored ship management services can include:

  • Health, Safety, Environment and Quality management;
  • Allocation of qualified and experienced management personnel;
  • Engagement of competent and qualified seafarers;
  • Asset protection/insurances, claims processing and risk management;
  • Accredited Safety Management System onboard;
  • Reliable fleet communications systems maintained;
  • Vessel registration, documentation and certification;
  • Constant monitoring in order to guarantee the conformity of all IMO and regulatory compliance.
  • Support onshore and offshore 24/7;
  • Quality Assurance management;
  • Plan and service dry dockings;
  • Annual Class Survey’s;
  • DP Trials and FMEA;
  • Regular operational reporting including cost analysis;
  • Planned and preventative maintenance system implementation and monitoring;
  • Continual assessment of vessel’s condition and safety equipment onboard;
  • Supply and restock of provisions, stores, parts, lubricating oils and other consumables;
  • Budgeting, budget control, financial forecasts and variance reports;
  • IT support by utilising in house IT professionals, experienced in the marine industry and the requirements for vessels working in remote offshore regions;
  • Waste management;
  • Hotel services;
  • Port services;
  • Importation / Exportation;
  • Local content requirements including industrial relations;
  • Bunkering;
  • Regular vessel attendances by management;
  • Risk Management;
  • Inventory of hazardous materials;
  • Contingency preparedness;
  • Housekeeping to ensure the vessel is well documented with all certificates and manuals;
  • Vessel surveyed and audited to maintain compliance with all national and international legislation;
  • Continuous development and improvement
Project Management Support

To meet the challenges in the current “do more with less” economy, businesses can reap tremendous benefits from outsourcing support functions that would have previously been done in house or that are only required on an adhoc basis.  

With GO OFFSHORE’s vast experience in the upstream maritime oil and gas sector and a team of administrative professionals to call upon, there is plenty of diversity in the type of value added support GO OFFSHORE can provide on any given day. 

Whether GO OFFSHORE are providing senior managers, experienced subject matter experts, office space, IT/network support or just another pair of hands for one day or even one hour, our integration and customised project management support services are available when and where you need them most.  Our range of services we can provide include:

  • Payroll
  • IT
  • Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Industrial Relations
  • Office support staff
  • Secretarial services
  • Procurement
  • Warehousing
  • Administrative support
  • Document control
  • Recruitment and training of local talent
  • Virtual or physical satellite offices
  • Corporate services

Technical Management

GO OFFSHORE can provide an efficient and effective tailor-made solution for Technical Management and local on-the-ground support for vessels working in remote regions without the requirement to enter into a full ship management arrangement. 

GO OFFSHORE understand the importance of uninterrupted availability. Using a combination of in-house technical management, experienced Senior Engineers and industry experts, our technical management team can provide you with around-the-clock support.   Technical management services include:

  • Planned and preventive maintenance strategies and cost effective repair programs;
  • Monitoring of vessel technical performance and condition through regular reporting via the Engineering department and regular on-board inspections;
  • Utilisation of our ship management software to manage all technical aspects of your vessel or we are just as happy to utilise yours;
  • Preparing and adhering to approved technical budgets;
  • Purchasing of spares, parts, consumables and lubricating oils;
  • Lay-up management;
  • Regular reporting and follow up.
Dry Docking

GO OFFSHORE have experience in the professional planning, supervision and execution of vessel Dry Docks in Australia and abroad.  With every Dry Dock GO OFFSHORE appoints a dedicated Chief Engineer and Technical Manager to oversee the entire process.  Our Dry Dock services and costs are personalised to meet the actual requirements for each vessel and region in which the Dry Dock will occur, and we always strive to deliver a cost efficient service regardless of location.  Our Dry Dock services include as a minimum:

  • Establishment of a Dry Dock budget;
  • Development for procedures and processes that will be utilised throughout the Dry Dock;
  • All safety required documentation;
  • Post-docking monitoring and follow up;
  • Regular reporting on a daily, weekly and monthly basis;
  • Budget vs Actual cost analysis;
  • Procurement services if requested by Client.
Vessel Compliance

We aim to please our Clientele and therefore recently added to our list of standalone services Vessel Compliance.  As the complex regulatory parameters with which vessel owners and operators are required to abide by continues to grow and become more stringent, vessel owners are seeking alternatives to having to manage compliance internally.  At GO OFFSHORE, we offer a comprehensive solution to suit your budget and requirements.  Our services include compliance with:

  • International Safety Management Code (ISM)
  • Flag State
  • Classification Society
  • Port State control
  • STCW
  • MLC
  • IMS (Invasive Marine Species) Inspections and clearances
  • Industry Best Standards
  • OVID

Looking for an ongoing or temporary solution to vessel procurement?  In the age of technology, we can provide support at the click of a button with access to cost effective, economic and efficient procurement of provisions, stores, consumables, lubricating oils and vessel parts thanks to our long-term relationship with major suppliers and service providers. 

Freight Forwarding

Able to rely on our vast local and international network, GO OFFSHORE is your ‘door to door’ solution for all freight importation and exportation requirements. We will negotiate the best price to move your goods in the most efficient and reliable manner.

Vessel Importation /Exportation

We specialise in planning and executing works to ensure imported and exported vessels comply with the Australian regulatory environment, providing third party quality assurance support that includes:

  • OVID/IMCA inspections
  • Asbestos inspections
  • Union inspections
  • Invasive Marine Species
  • AQIS inspections
  • Importation
  • Customs
  • Manning and inductions
  • Sailing plan
  • Area of operation requirements
  • Security plans
  • Appointment of agents
Rig Move/Consultancy

GO OFFSHORE have a number of highly experienced and competent deep water semisubmersible and jack up rig movers available to satisfy legislative and quality assurance requirements in Australia and overseas. Full Marine Orders 47 compliant rig moving teams are available at short notice.

Our rig moving service provides planning, procedures, analysis and equipment procurement prior to commencing the operation. A rig move specialist and MO47 team to carry out the anchor retrieval, passage and anchor deployment. A client debrief and full report is provided on completion of the operation.  Our specialist expertise can reduce costs through vessel coordination, and optimum planning of anchor deployment/retrieval.

Our experience includes 100 rig shifts with over 1000 days of rig moving


Services Offered

  • Procedure preparation and review
  • Pre-move reporting
  • Post-move reporting
  • Client liaison
  • Meeting attendance
  • Assisting with rig move
  • Assisting with all marine advice as requested by client
  • Assisting with all marine investigators as requested by client
  • Designing and preparing piggy bank anchor systems
  • Preparing piggy back and deployment and recovery procedures


The Ultimate Package

GO OFFSHORE’s experience comes from managing/supporting assets from the largest Anchor Handlers to Subsea vessels, PSV’s and accommodation units. GO OFFSHORE understand that the safety and performance of your asset is your highest priority, and it is ours too. The Ultimate Package can be tailored on a cost plus basis or a lump sum price and include any or all of the following services:


Pre Mobilisation Checks


  • Inspection of the facility or vessel by our experienced and trained team to ensure the asset is suited for the region, as well as modification or upgrade recommendations where applicable;
  • Preliminary inherent risk inspections of the identified vessel;
  • Facilitating Union inspections prior to departure;
  • Pre-departure docking, Invasive Marine Species inspection, asbestos inspections and other regulatory requirements prior to entry into Australia;
  • Visa arrangements for overseas personnel both corporate and offshore, as well as arranging temporary office facilities and a local support team for the staff relocating to the region;
  • Setting up networks for technical support as well as management systems and maintenance of critical spares including importation, tracking and storage.



  • Provision of suitably qualified Australian personnel;
  • Ensuring specific training and inductions are completed;
  • Total ship management, including technical, commercial and HSEQ support;
  • Importation of the asset;
  • Customs and agency support;
  • Client on-hire inspection, audits and closeout reports.

On Location

  • Client liaison;
  • Ongoing asset inspection and management;
  • Support for Australian personnel requirements and industrial relations;
  • Expatriate local support;
  • Provision of office facilities;
  • Technical, purchasing, warehouse and logistics support;
  • Class, port state and regulatory  management and adherence;
  • Emergency support via either direct management or support to expatriate managers;
  • Fuel management and optimization.


  • Asset exportation;
  • Crew repatriation;
  • Handover of management and technical support;
  • Client off-hire formalities.